Alright here is what happened. Back in the old days some scientist were playing around with cadavers, trying to figure out how the body works. They noticed that if the abdominal muscles were stimulated and contracted that the spine would bend. So they deduced that if you want to strengthen your abdomen than crunches would be the best way to do it.
This simple concept infected the minds of nearly everybody. Most people get determined to lose belly fat and gain a great six pack, so they start doing sit ups ceaselessly, unfortunately, to no avail. It is a common misconception; crunches do not make your stomach leaner and they do not trim or shrink the waist line. In fact, doing crunches tirelessly can actually be counterproductive if you are trying to shrink your waist.
What those old scientist failed to realize was that the main function of the abdomen was not to bend the spine but rather balance and stabilize the spine. Now crunches are a great way to develop the outer abdominal layer, there is no question about that. However, they are not a great way to trim belly fat and shrink the waist.
If you want to get a lean looking stomach with defined and prominent abs, you have to use your abs the way god intended, through balance. Lately there has been a yoga/ Zumba craze, everybody and their dog is getting in with the now and joining some aerobics class. This is a great way to trim belly fat, but at the same time it can be expensive paying for classes.
Solution: start exercising at home using actual effective workouts. Start planking, where you hold your-self parallel to the earth by putting your toes and elbows on the ground. You can even do simple dumbbell exercises that work and strain you against balance. To work your abs by using dumbbells: simply hold your dumbbell out in front of your body, keep your body inline (spine stabilized through abdominal tension), and twist your shoulders from left to right.
Both the planking and the dumbbell exercise are unique in the way that the burn in the abdomen is constantly growing until you give up. This is a fun way to exercise. Go for as long as you can, and good luck.