The body’s digestive enzymes work to break down food or macromolecules into small bits of building blocks. They are naturally secreted by the body and are found in different locations with a particular substrate to target. Several fitness and health supplements are formulated with digestive enzymes that aid in the proper digestion of food, building of muscles, and even the shedding of unwanted body fat. Fortunately, such enzymes that help the body’s digestion are ever present in the food we eat, especially raw foods.

Whenever our diet lacks the proper enzymes our body will rely too much on our naturally secreting digestive enzymes. This then creates a lot of stress on the organs and systems of the body. There will be a decrease in the efficiency of our body to replace or repair injured or damaged body tissues and cells. The body’s immune system will be highly compromised and the pancreas will also bear much grunt work resulting to its poor performance or even failure. This is the reason why doctors see the need to prescribe supplements rich in digestive enzymes along with a healthy and well-balanced diet and exercise plan.

People are encouraged to eat raw food like fruits and vegetables, since more enzymes are contained in raw foods. Salads, a good serving of fruits, and blanched or slightly steamed vegetables are ideal part of every meal. It is also believed that a healthy digestive system paves the way for rapid weight loss and nutrient absorption. This becomes very important especially if you wish to build muscle mass but avoid fat accumulation. Digestive enzymes supplements that are essential to the body are known to benefit not only those bodybuilders who want to gain or lose weight but also a number of people who are suffering from diseases and ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, allergies on food, sinusitis, sudden weight gain, lower pain in the back, Crohn’s disease, indigestion, acne rosacea, candidiasis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, eczema and a host of problems pertaining to the skin and hair.

Kinds of Enzymes of the Digestive System

There are at least fiur popular types of digestive enzymes: lipases, proteases, nucleases, and carbohydrases. The lipases break down lipids or fats into fatty acids. The proteases break down proteins into amino acids and peptides. The nucleases break nucleic acids into smaller nucleotides. The carbohydrases break down carbohydrates like sugar and starch to its simple sugar forms like fructose or glucose.

It is important to take fitness and health supplements that are bolstered with digestive enzymes. Remember that its effects will be further maximized if such digestive enzymes pills are taken without food or on a still hollow stomach. It is also said that a person’s life expectancy has a direct relation to the production of digestive enzymes. The better and the more we produce enzymes in our body, the longer and healthier we live.

Guest post from Aaron Branstool