4 Not So Obvious Reasons to Exercise

Everyone knows the typical reasons for exercise like physical wellness, strength, and looks, but is there anything more to gain from a good workout?

  • Healthy skin

    As strange as it seems, working out has a beneficial effect on the health of your skin. Any time you increase your blood flow, the circulation brings in more oxygen and flushes out waste products in your skin. In effect your skin gets a good cleansing from the workout!

  • Prevention against Parkinson and Alzheimer

    Exercise is a part of the process of neurogenesis which creates neurons. Those who follow a good exercised lifestyle are significantly less likely to have dementia later on in life.

  • Better sleep

    Exercise produces adenosine which aids in the process of falling asleep.

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

    Exercise releases endorphines and neurotransmitters that act like a natural high and can help change your mood for the better!