Tabata this is a relatively new routine that is popular in Hollywood. Personal trainers have their famous clients work this routine, when they are trying to build muscle or even drop weight. It is relatively simple in theory, and highly effective in practice.
Here is how you do tabata, find a track that is about 200 meters long, or a football field will work. Run as fast as you can for the entire distance of the track or if you are on a football field run from one end to the other and back. The whole time during the run you should be giving it as much as you have got. After the run take a thirty second to one minute break.
The point of this routine is to get your heart excited to a point that it is not comfortable with. The only way to get results is to push through your comfort zone. This workout is extremely uncomfortable, but you know what they say, no pain no gain.
So after you have taken your rest run the track again. You want to do this at least four times. The first few times you do this routine you are going to slow down a lot on your third and fourth run, but as you practice you may even begin to start doing five or six sprints in one session. Remember to take a thirty second to one minute break in between each sprint.
The super-aerobic cardio pumping effects of this routine is going to create mass amounts of blood flow throughout the body, meaning that you are going to be experiencing massive calorie burn and muscle development. When you have additional blood flow, your muscles can start developing and building mass more easily; so this is a great routine to do in combination with weights if you are trying to build bulk.