exercise your soulWe live in an ecosystem that has evolved far beyond what would be considered “natural”.  We grow up and adapt to an environment made of metals, concrete and paved roads.  Our trees are replaced by wires, our food is stored in a grocer, and our hunt is turned into a 9 – 5 work period.  We live in world where people review the reviews of treadmills.

Now a days we don’t have to worry about protecting our bodies.  With health care, charities, welfare, and food stamps, protecting our bodies isn’t a challenge. A hundred years ago men would till soil and watch over their crops and livestock.  If they didn’t take care of their crops they would starve.  Before that men lived off the hunt.  If they couldn’t secure their food and provisions then they would starve.

We live in a world where a languid lifestyle is basically a default setting.  8 hours in the office and then the rest of the day on the couch.  It is this sedentary lifestyle that is weakening your health.  This is not a physical threat to you.  There is no time in your life where you will have to run from wild animals.

However, the body and the soul are connected.  When we work for something, when we turn our desires into action, we build strength and discipline.  We become more and more powerful and concrete.  You can fortify your soul by strengthening your body.  A soul can be shaken by lack of confidence, insecurity, black wonder.  Exercise can help all these.