A topic causing much controversy is whether it is better to run outside, or inside on a treadmill. Both give you great exercise; but the question is, basically: If forced to, which would win in a fight? Obviously these are ideas and not really things that have the ability to fight, but if they could one would surely beat the other right? So how about we compare the two’s pros and cons and see which one would actually win in a fight.

Outside Running

PROS: Running outside is great, it’s simple, cost-effective, and quite refreshing. It’s hard to believe that anything could really beat this authentic running experience. If you’re training for a race, there is probably nothing better than getting a first-hand experience of the route and terrain. Outdoor running will allow you to enjoy the scenery and let you enjoy the fresh air.

CONS: In all of it’s glory, running outside does have it’s drawbacks. Running outside doesn’t allow you to use the nice features of a treadmill. It’s harder to keep track of how long you’ve been running, how far you have ran, heart-rate, and how fast you have been running. You don’t really get to customize your workout like you can on a treadmill. But perhaps the biggest drawback on running outside: Dogs.  A dog’s first instinct when it sees something running away from it is to chase it.

Treadmill Running

PROS: Running on a treadmill provides just as many health benefits as running outside. But running on a treadmill has so much more to offer you. Treadmills these days come with sleek designs, easy-to-use controls, bright-lit and easy to read displays that show your progress and workout information; like heart-rate, distance, speed, and incline. Which brings me to the next point; treadmills support incline training, some are even built specifically to raise the belt to a ridiculous incline. Incline training offers so many more benefits than just plain running on a flat surface. Some treadmills even come with a built-in browsing tablet that let you get on the web during your workout; like some I’ve reviewed in my other Hubs. Probably the best feature on modern treadmills is the ability to connect with Google Maps and run wherever you want; the treadmill controls the incline according to the information associated with a particular route and matches that incline to give you a pretty realistic run. You can also use the street view feature to see where you are running and look at the scenery. All of this in the comfort of your own home.

CONS: Despite giving you the illusion that you outside running in Paris; you, in fact, are not. Though they can control the incline according to what it is on Google Maps, you really can’t beat the first-hand, authentic experience of actually running the course in real life. Plus, this only gives you another reason to never leave the house, and be anti-social; which isn’t such a bad thing, I find. But to the general population, this is a major con. Other than those I really can’t come up with any more.

Whichever one you choose, make sure that you are dieting or eating healthy to get the most out of your exercising. One diet that I think you should definitely look into would be the lemonade diet.