Have there ever been times when you are just sleepy, whether it is from a long night the night before, waking up early in the morning, or a combination of both?  Have there been times where you have been dozing off at times when you should be awake?


Such is the case with many of us around midafternoon when we are just ready for a good rest, but we have other tasks that we still need to do.  This is especially the case with those who work in offices and on computers where not very much physical movement is involved.


What then do we do if we are experiencing the midafternoon drowsiness that seems to beset many of us?  The answer is simple, we rebound.


Rebounding is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape, which essentially requires a min-trampoline called a rebounder and very little space.  By rebounding you give your whole body a workout, inside and out, from your lymphatic system to your arm muscles.


It is a great cardio exercise when you need to get your blood pumping and you do not have the option of going outside to run around the block.  It is also a great way, even outside the office, to get in the necessary exercise you need to stay fit.


One of the great things about rebounders is how portable they are.  Again, it is essentially a mini-trampoline, most of the time no larger than forty inches in diameter.  Some rebounders are even collapsible foldable into halves and quarters.


Another great aspect about rebounders is because of their little size, they fit snuggly behind filing cabinets or in storage rooms, so as to be pulled out anytime you are feeling drowsy.  On top of that, if you buy a bungee rebounder, as opposed to a metal spring rebounder, it is relatively quiet.


Rebounders can be utilized anywhere and provide a complete cardio workout out so as to chase that drowsiness right out of your system, leaving you feeling revitalized.  This is a great way to help you focus on your work, without going through too much trouble.


Now, in all honesty, maybe bringing a rebounder to work is not all that practical, but rebounding is.  Rebounding is an excellent way to stay in shape and achieve a full cardio workout.