exercise reboundRebounding is a popular exercise that has benefits from aerobic health and muscular fitness to lymphatic health and strong immune systems. Different rebounding workouts offer distinct results so a single focused rebounding workout regimen wouldn’t offer all of the benefits.


Rebounding can be a great aerobic workout if the exerciser will keep any kind of jumping going for twenty minutes or so and do so multiple times every week. Rebounding can also offer a strength building workout since nearly all of the skeletal muscles in the body are affected, especially if the exerciser works up to vigorous and high jumps.


The benefits to the lymphatic system and consequently to the immune system are considered by many rebounder users to be the most beneficial and important since there are few other exercise regimens that offer them. There are, for example, many workouts that include strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises but no significant benefits to the lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system is a network of small vesicles in the body that move waste products away from the cells and out of the body. Rebounding aids in this removal process as the up and down bouncing on a rebounder forces the dirtied lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system which is comprised of a series of one-way valves leading away from gravity’s pull.


lymph systemRebounding for two to four minutes can boost the flow of lymphatic fluid and a fifteen minute rebounding workout can multiply the amount of lymph moved by fifteen according to some experts. When your lymphatic system is clear and there is no blockage in the system your immune system will be healthy and your body will be more able to detoxify itself.


Detoxifying or detoxing meant clearing all of the inorganic substances as well as harmful organic substances out of the body. Detoxes are used in a variety of situations ranging from bodily purification following drug or alcohol consumption to weight loss diets.


Detoxes usually focus on other areas of the body besides the lymphatic system since other organs and body systems are just as capable of storing waste products. To give you a better idea, some experts estimate that there may be up to nine ponds of waste product in the average digestive tract that is not expelled by normal digestive functions.


Detox methods are designed to rid the body of these toxins so that there are no foreign substances slowing down the bodily processes. The exit doors for these toxins are the digestive tract, the urinary tract and the skin so detox methods often lead to such symptoms as diarrhea and breakouts.


Rebounding for lymphatic health will also have certain side effects, although they are not as dramatic as some of the side effects of other detoxification methods. If you were to perform a lymphatic workout on your rebounder your sweat would contain the dirty lymph fluid that exited through your pores in the workout.


This would show up as a shiny residue floating in on top of your sweat if you were to wring out a sweaty wash cloth after working out. To get a good lymphatic workout on a rebounder focus on solid bounces that don’t cause your feet to leave the mat.