Protein Rich FoodsIf you are trying to build muscle, an ample amount of protein is going to be essential in your diet. Protein shakes work very well, but even better is to get your protein from your diet. There are many common foods out there that you could incorporate into your diet to get a lot of protein each day.


The yolk section in eggs contains a great supply of protein. Eggs are fairly cheap, and you can eat a lot of them without getting too full. They are a great breakfast food, and you can easily mix bacon, ham, vegetables, and other healthy complimentary foods to it. Making a good hearty omelette or plate of scrambled eggs, would be a great way to start each day.


Beans can go on anything it seems. Black beans, pinto beans, chili beans, and all kinds of other beans all have good amount of protein in them. You can stick them in burritos or just eat them plain. They only have partial protein though, so you need to supplement them with meat or another source to give you full protein. Our bodies need 9 amino acids from proteins, and meats, eggs, and other animal products contain all 9, but beans only contain about 4 or 5 usually.

Meat, and animal products.

All kinds of meat have lots of protein, if you eat a lot of chicken, ham, steak, or other meats, you’ll the difference in how well your muscles develop when you exercise.

Well, that should be a good start. Good luck.

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