PlyometricsPlyometrics is an exercise technique that helps to strengthen your muscles from the inside out. It’s a lot different to traditional exercise because it doesn’t really make your muscles any bigger, it only makes them more effective. It is generally the focus of martial artists because it helps their strikes and blocks to be extremely fast and unstoppable.

The principle is not so much about building your muscles, but instead using them in the way you intend to use them. For example, if you want to jump higher, you won’t go to a gym and do a leg press press, you’d practice jumping over repeatedly and quickly. Plyometrics is about speed, so for example with jumping, you would try to jump as high as you can, and as soon as your feet touch the ground you would jump again. This helps your muscles learn to react fast which is a big part of Plyometrics.

For punching and striking, it is great to practice controlling your speed and distance. For example, set a block or a candle up just within your reach. Point your fingers out straight and strike at your object as quick as possible, but stop just before you touch it, as close as you can to it. It’s hard but you will see yourself get better the more you try. Also punching a bag or other object is plyometrics, but it’s different than a boxer punch where they put their whole body into it. In plyometrics, you keep your balance and poster, and only strike with your arm. You don’t lean into it. This helps your arms get quick and strong, and will make you a good martial artist.

Try some of this stuff. It’s great to know.

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