Of all the things you may ever do to supplement your workout, there is one thing that will help more than anything to get you looking and feeling healthy and strong. That is to drink lots of WATER. Aside from air, water is the most essential element we take into our body. If our body doesn’t have enough, it causes all sorts of things to slow down and not work right. If everything is well hydrated and lubricated our bodies will perform much better.

If your goal is to lose weight. Water is an important player. It has to do with our liver. Our liver works hard converting fat into usable energy. This is called Metabolism. The speed that our liver can do this plays a big part in how quickly we lose weight, and how well we keep it off. Our kidneys work hard to flush out and clean our bodies, however they require water to work, and when they don’t have enough water, they dump some of their load onto the liver. This slows down the metabolism process. This is a very common reason for slow metabolism. Plenty of water is necessary to allowing the kidney and liver to perform at peak performance.

Another factor water plays in losing weight has to do with water storage. Water storage is caused by a lack of water intake. When our body isn’t getting enough water, it perceives it as a threat and begins to store every ounce of water that it can get. It stores it in extracellular areas that, on the outside, just look like fat. You can often see it in the feet, ankles, legs, hands, wrists and arms. The simple cure to this is to drink more water. When your body sees that it is getting enough water it will release all of its stored water.

In addition to all of this, water helps with many more things. Muscles require ample water to pull and contract easily, and to help them to maintain a correct tone. Our colon requires water to function properly. When we do not have enough water, our body takes what it needs from the colon, and we end up with constipation. Plenty of water will prevent this. Plenty of water will also help us to be free of headaches, stomach aches, and other problems. It helps to buoy up our skin and maintain its clarity and elasticity. Among these benefits there are many more not mentioned.

We should drink at least 8 cups per day on average. That’s about 1/2 gallon. We should try to spread this throughout the day. This amount of water will help to ensure our bodies are well hydrated and lubricated so that they can function without any hindrance. We will feel much better and even look better. We will lose weight quicker and keep it off easier.

Good luck with this. Let us know how it goes for you.

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