Battling the bodyweight is often the toughest one that individuals face. Controlling one’s body weight is a difficult task though it’s not impossible for it needs a huge degree of control over food, exercise and lifestyle changes. There are plenty of online tools and charts that will give you an indication of what your ideal weight should be. Calculating your ideal weight needs to be done with complete honesty! Normally, ideal weight is a product of one’s height, gender and age too. Once you have ascertained ideal weight, here is how you can get to the target figure.


Getting to your ideal weight


After calculating your ideal body weight, you will need to draw up a chart or plan which has detailed diet and exercise routines. It will be good to have a daily calorie intake detailed for yourself as well. The chart makes it easy to follow a routine. Making changes to your diet will involve aspects like including salads and soups to your meal. You can even substitute a meal with a salad or a healthy, filling soup. Try and eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones. The daily calorific intake should be maintained with some strictness. But it is not all about eating boring stuff! You can, once in 15 days, schedule in a treat day. Give yourself a treat for having adhered to the diet and you will be motivated to stay on it for a long time. Measure your body weight but not obsessively. Once in a week is adequate. Weight fluctuates normally and if you measure yourself every day, you may not be able to see significant differences and this may discourage you. However, do not lose hope. On an average healthy weight loss ranges between 3 to 5 kilos a month.


Staying on your ideal weight


Once you have reached your ideal weight figure, you can stay on it by maintaining a sense of control over what you eat and how much you work out. Eating right is all about watching what you eat. It would be great if you could continue with the weight loss diet of fruit, vegetables, salads and soups even when you want to simply maintain your weight. This healthy diet is good for the body and its metabolism. When you maintain your metabolism on an even and healthy range, you can ensure that the calorie burning operations of the body continue to function in top gear and help in maintaining weight too.


Include every day exercise in your life. You could bring down the level of exercise to 4 times a week but ensure you do it for at least 30 minutes a day. Try out different types of exercises – walking, running, aerobics, weights, dancing – to keep your interest high and active. Following an active lifestyle goes a long way in keeping the weight off. Remember that there is no need to be obsessed about eating and working out. A healthy and balanced meal and a regular work out will go a long way in keeping the weight off and fighting the battle against weight “re-gain”.


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