Get your body in great shape in only ten minutes.  However, don’t get so excited.  This is ten minutes of extreme exercise.  Basically this is routine was made by condensing thirty minutes of exercise into just ten.  So if you are one of those people that has a need for speed and a debilitating lack of patience then this is for you.  Do this for 21 days and you will certainly start to notice some big time changes.

Do the routine in order. Each Exercise has a specific placement in the routine. This will move the tension through different muscle groups, helping to maximize caloric burn and muscle tone.

Here is how it works do each of these routines for one minute each without stopping.  Give it all you have got. With exercise you only get as much as you give, so give it as much as you can.

Ok ready? start!!!

1 Start with jumping jacksstarter

2 Go straight into burbees

3 Plank with alternating leg lifts

4 Bicycle Crunches

5 Table Top Press


6 Lunge (weights are optional)


7 & 8 Side plank crunch (and then reverse, do the other side)

9 Cross body mountain climber

10. Run place (PUSH IT!)