Running in the sand on the beach can change a typical cardiovascular workout into a strength exercise. You will work twice as hard running in sand than running on a solid surface and will burn many more calories.

Burn calories faster by running in the sand

Not only will you be working harder, but there will be less impact on your joints as the sand cushions your running strides. The softer the sand is the more you will work to run the same amount of distance in more packed sand. The best type of sand to run in however, is semi-wet sand as it is somewhat packed together. You only want your foot print to sink in from about 1 to 2 inches.

If you are running in really soft sand you might stretch or pull your Achilles tendon so make sure to stick to the more packed sand. The best part about running in the sand across the beach is the everything you’ll see  and feeling of freedom and control from running barefoot.

Another way to get more out of your running is to run on an incline. If there’s no sand around where you live try running on a NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer. These treadmills can incline up to 40%!

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