Alright today I am going to explain the basics of exercise.  Though many people may think this to be a waste of time, I would have to contest.  Many times we get so wrapped up in the tricks and gimmicks we forget the real way to lose weight.  So I am going to go over some fundamentals, hopefully this will allow you to see exercise in a simpler more effective light.


First Things First, Why are you Exercising?

There are three reasons to exercise:

1. To lose weight

2. To gain muscle

3. To strengthen Cardio. 

So which of these are you trying to accomplish.  Having a goal in mind will really help to keep you motivated.  However, if you are exercising without any purpose in mind that is great too, you will still see the same benefits.


Understanding your goal.

Strengthening cardio is usually a prerequisite for weight loss or building muscle.  However, it can be an end all on its own.  There is more holistic benefit that comes from a healthy heart than comes from big muscles or low amount of fat put together.

The best way to strengthen cardio muscles is to perform exercise for an extended amount of time usually at 60 percent max heart rate.  The easiest way to do this would be to use a treadmill. 

Weight loss is going to come down to calories burned verses calories ingested.  Of course there are other factors involved in losing weight, like detoxing and metabolism.

Building muscle is the hardest of all fitness endeavors.  This requires rigorous exercise and healthy eating.  Many people forget that diet is an essential part of muscle gaining.  You are what you eat, it is as simple as that.