Alright my boy Yuri is going to take you through an awesome warm up routine that is perfect athletes of all kinds.

Never mind how ridiculous this looks.  It is really super effective for stretching out your muscles and getting them nice and warm for some really exercise.

It is imperative that you warm up before you exercise.  A warm up to exercise is like a peeling an orange before eating it.  If you do not properly set up you are going to have a real bad time.  Nobody likes eating orange peels and no body likes tearing muscles.  Obviously one is worse than the other, but you get the point.

There are three things that warm ups do that prepare the body for exercise.

–Increases heart rate, respiratory rate and blood flow to the muscles
–Increases core body temperature
–Enhances muscle elasticity

To make sure you encompass every single muscle make sure that you work through every plane of motion.

How do you know if you are warmed up?  You will feel warmed up.  Trust your feelings, like Luke did when he was aiming to destroy the death star.  Ok, sorry for the nerdy joke.

Also if you break a sweat while working through the warm up then that is probably a good indicator that you have been doing your warm up routine right.