There are many different means and methods by which a person can go about in order to burn calories.  Some people enjoy running, some people enjoy jogging, and some people enjoy swimming.  The bottom line is as long as you are out there and exercising you should be able to reach your fitness goals.


Rebounding is a fun way to bounce those calories right out of you.  Rebounding, when it comes down to its purest and simplest form is jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline called a rebounder.  It is easy and can be adjusted to all different fitness levels.


Using a rebounder to exercise is a great alternative to jogging as it provides a very low-impact workout, which your joints will thank you for.  On top of that it also helps with circulation in your lymphatic system.


While workouts may seem like they would only consist of jumping up and down, there are many other workouts you can do as well.  One important principle of exercising on a rebounder is you will want to train in intervals, which means switch from high intensity to low intensity


Try mixing different ratios of intensity to see what works best for you.  This applies to all the different types of exercises you will do on your rebounder.


One great workout to try, aside from simply jumping up and down, is to jog on your rebounder.  While jogging, make sure to swing your arms back and forth as if you were running as it will help you burn more calories.


Try slowing down or speeding up.  Keep in mind as well that the intensity of your workout will depend on how quickly you jog, how you swing your arms, and how high you bring your knees.  Thus, you control how many calories you burn.


One more exercise to try is to do the twist.  This means spreading your feet apart while raising your arms at a ninety degree angle.  Jump up and bend your knees to the right and your body to the left.  Just like the dance move, you will be doing the twist.


There are so many great options for exercise when working out on a rebounder.  For the most part, as long you keep within the safety guidelines, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do on a rebounder.