A sport that is becoming very popular among younger people these days is bouldering and climbing. It’s no wonder why this is such a popular sport. The thrill of being able to climb up or across the side of a rock cliff is exciting.

The sport is very demanding and requires a lot of strength and balance. The most important muscles for this sport are the hands, forearms, and biceps. After climbing for just a short time, it’s common to feel your forearms tighten up and get tired.

Although this builds your forearms very well, it also builds a lot of other muscles that you use for balance. The stomach and core are used a lot in using your legs.

Some important things to have for this would be some climbing shoes. These should be tight, and somewhat uncomfortable, but they help tremendously. A chalk bag is also very useful. When you’re on the mountain, your hands get sweaty and slippery and chalk helps keep them dry.

If you’re not using ropes, you will want to have a crash pad. These are built for climbers, and are very light and usually have straps so you can hook it to your back. This is a large pad that you should keep underneath you in case you fall. You will really appreciate having it once you fall on it.

This can be a very engaging sport and as fun as can be. There’s no feeling like accomplishing a bouldering or climbing route. It’s a sport that everyone should try.

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