Rebounding is a great way to exercise that can help you or a loved one improve poor health. Rebounding is a great part of a healthy lifestyle that could help you recover from anything from obesity to a common cold.


One of the reason why rebounding is such a great health promoting activity is because it works various body systems all at the same time. In the first place, rebounding is a great aerobic workout that can help you lose body fat and trim inches off of your waist line.


Secondly’ rebounding with quality rebounders that allow you to perform the health bounce will help you improve the function of your lymphatic system and help you detoxify your cells and other body systems.


Lastly, rebounding offers benefits to your overall strength as well as your overall flexibility.


Rebounding helps your aerobic workouts because your body is in constant motion. This will get your heart pumping and get your lungs working at a higher capacity so that you can train your body to function more efficiently and get you blood oxygenated faster.


The lymphatic benefit comes from performing the health bounce. The health bounce is a short quick bounce that produces lots of force but doesn’t cause your feet to leave the bounce pad.


To perform the health bounce you will want a rebounder that has good springs, a mat that isn’t prone to stretching, and a surface area that is wide enough so that you can sick down relatively far.


The larger your mat is and the deeper bounce that you can get the more likely it is that you will be able the get enough force for the health bounce without actually getting airborne and drastically decreasing the number of jumps per minute that you will be able to accomplish.


Rebounding can be a great strengthening and flexibility exercise as well since your entire body will be in motion and you will actually be using other muscle group besides those in your legs. Your arm and your abdomen will help you get a good high bounce that you will need to get a good strengthening workout from your rebounding routine.


If you really want to work out your abs you can even sit on the rebounder pad and bounce up and down using your arms for balance and your abs to give you momentum. This exercise will help you work out your core.