Some people go on this diet to lose weight and others will start this diet to become healthier. Whatever your purgative is this diet is going to provide some amazing holistic benefits.

Healthy BenefitsGoing on an alkaline diet means that you are going to lower the acidic content that you take in and up the alkaline content; however, it is important that you do not go overboard with this. The body still needs about a 20 percent intake of acidic foods.

But instead of getting your acid reflux by eating greasy hamburgers and deep fried mayonnaise balls it is best to eat healthy fruit. The other 80 percent of your diet should be foods with alkaline high content, particularly leafy greens.

Alkaline means that the food is going to leave a little bit of ash in the intestinal tract after it metabolizes. This is a good ash though, full of essential nutrients like copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Besides green vegetables you can eat some fruits, nuts, and seeds. It is very good to avoid any soda, microwavable foods, and red meats.

In place of steaks and hamburgers go for a fish filet, and top it with lots of spices. Ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are all excellent for the body.

Other than adding spices to your diet you should also be sure to get a lot of good hydration. Eight glasses of water is recommended for each day.

When it comes down to it alkaline is all about blood. In your body, coursing through your veins is basically a ‘river’ of life, and it is called your blood.

Your blood has a very specific pH (potential of Hydrogen). It has to stay around 7.35 and if it gets any higher or lower than that then your body will cease to work.

Most red meats, hamburgers, greasy fast foods, dehydrated preservatives are all going to have a low pH level making them acidic. When you overwhelm your body with acidic foods then the body becomes more strained to keep everything in order.

People who switch to an alkaline diet will naturally feel more energy throughout the day just because the body doesn’t have to work as hard to adjust the pH of the blood. One of the best qualities of an alkaline diet is it keeps you looking young and attractive.

And even when you do get on this diet you should still take a spoon full of lemon or lime juice with your water in the morning, even though it is acidic.