Here is a fun easy tip that only requires two things. 

sweet backpack


First thing you need is a back pack. It doesn’t have to look like the one I have, but if it does then you get bonus points for being awesome.

The second thing you need is weight.  This can be rocks from the yard, bags of rice from the kitchen, or even dumbbell weights.

Alright you got the weight and the back pack. Sweet.  Now it is time to get started with the workout.

These exercises are to be performed in succession one after the other.  Try not to take a break in between.  The more you can keep your heart excited the more calories you will burn.
Exercise 1: Pushups

push up.

Exercise 2: squats

Exercise 3: close grip pushup

close grip

Exercise 4: Lunge

Aim to do 10 reps of each one, then repeat the circuit as many times as you possibly can. Remember the more weight you wear on your back while you do these the more effective they will become.