1.Push Up Position Curl

When at home most people will perform the row like the man in the illustration above.

This is a great workout for the traps and back, but if instead of doing a back row you perform a curl

then you will move the load farther from the center of the body. Thus strengthening the core while pumping the biceps.

2.Kneeling Curl

Doing curls from a kneeling position will strengthen the obliques.

Be sure to turn the wrists while pulling the dumbbell upward for maximum effect.

3.Eccentric Curl

You probably noticed that this lady is using a cable row.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but she is actually lowering the weights instead of raising them.

Get weights that are heavier than you can lift, and slowly lower them.  This sparks new muscle growth.

4.Split Jack Curl

Step forward into a lunge as you curl the dumbbells inward.

Done with light weights this is a great cardio exercise for girls.

Doing this with heavier weights it becomes a very intensive strength training routine.

5.Squat Curl

Imagine this guy is mainting this position.

Now imagine that he also has dumbbells and he is curling them whilst still in squat position.

This is a highly intensive whole body routine that will make you ache in no time. Try it out.