Running Outside vs. Inside

A topic causing much controversy is whether it is better to run outside, or inside on a treadmill. Both give you great exercise; but the question is, basically: If forced to, which would win in a fight? Obviously these are ideas and not really things that have the ability to fight, but if they could one would surely beat the other right? So how about we compare the two’s pros and cons and see which one would actually win in a fight. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on Exercising with Diabetes

Exercising With Diabetes

There are three primary forms of diabetes – type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. All three forms of the disease share an identical causative factor – the body’s inability to either produce or use insulin. Without sufficient insulin, glucose remains unused in the blood that produces high levels of blood sugar. Over the course of time, this build up leads to renal damage and may affect other major organs including the heart, nerves, and eyes.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes for developing diabetes. If the energy is not depleted, the insulin builds up and causes the condition. Though a regular exercise regimen is fairly easy and simple, an individual with diabetes will require a more specialized exercise regimen. As a diabetic, it pays to be doubly wary not to injure yourself or aggregate your diabetes management. Follow the indicated safety exercises below to avoid triggering and worsening your condition. Read the rest of this entry »

Safety Tips for Exercising On Treadmills

Treadmill RunningTreadmills are one of the safest, most effective fat burning fitness equipment machines around, yet only if one knows how to use it correctly. They are highly popular and advantageous for individuals who enjoy running, jogging, and walking. The treadmill is indeed easy to operate, and hence the reason why most people prefer using it.

Treadmills help users to balance their cardio fitness while eliminating the need of working out in a non-favorable weather.  Individuals need not worry about bad weather, or waiting long queues at the gym if they have a treadmill at home. However, there are certain safety tips that one needs to be bear in mind before hopping on the treadmill. Read the rest of this entry »

Add Resistance With a BackPack

Here is a fun easy tip that only requires two things. 

sweet backpack


First thing you need is a back pack. It doesn’t have to look like the one I have, but if it does then you get bonus points for being awesome.

The second thing you need is weight.  This can be rocks from the yard, bags of rice from the kitchen, or even dumbbell weights.

Alright you got the weight and the back pack. Sweet.  Now it is time to get started with the workout.

These exercises are to be performed in succession one after the other.  Try not to take a break in between.  The more you can keep your heart excited the more calories you will burn.
Exercise 1: Pushups

push up.

Exercise 2: squats

Exercise 3: close grip pushup

close grip

Exercise 4: Lunge

Aim to do 10 reps of each one, then repeat the circuit as many times as you possibly can. Remember the more weight you wear on your back while you do these the more effective they will become.

Plan each Workout.

Going to the gym is an important part of your day. Some people get to the gym bust out their workout and get out of there. Other people go to the gym and “stay busy” and after an hour or two go home. You can save yourself time and energy each day if you do a little pre-planning before you get to the gym. Planning a workout before you get to the gym is a great way to get a full workout in. Spending two hours at the gym is in most part highly ineffective.

The more time you spend at the gym the greater the likelihood that you will get burnt out of your exercise routine. This is because gym time will cut into your personal life and time with family. Planning a workout will get you in the gym and out of the gym on time allowing more time to spend with your family and get other things done. Soon your workouts will just become another thing you do during the day.

So how do you get into the right workout routine for yourself. First you have to answer a few personal questions about the gym. First do you want to workout in the morning or in the afternoon or evening? Next would you like to workout at home, run around your neighborhood or go to a gym. Lastly you have to ask yourself if you want to build muscles or work on your cardio to burn calories and lose weight.

If you want to workout at home there are plenty of at home exercises that you can do. Buying a treadmill or other exercise cardio equipment can help make working at home easier. If you are doing cardio outside around your neighborhood plan out each run and rest day. Plan how far and how fast you want to run and stick to your routine. Sometime checking off your runs on a workout sheet can help you stay on task.

If you are going to be working out at the gym check out this great workout planning website that allows you to plan each workout everyday of the week. Click here. There are a ton of websites like this one so if you don’t like that link find a workout routine that works best for you. The thing to remember is to just keep working! Good luck everyone.

How to Exercise Without Getting Burned Out

BoredWe all know that exercise is good for you. You really won’t live long without it. But sometimes it can really get a little old! If you get sick of it, then you’ll stop. If you stop exercising, then everything else in your life will start to go downhill. Read on to figure out how to exercise without getting burned out.

Read the rest of this entry »

Calories Burned = Weight Lost

Weight LossAs we’ve mentioned before in a previous post Exercise Basics, the number one reason most people begin exercise regimens is to lose weight. The number one rule to weight loss is you need to consume less calories than you burn on a daily basis.

To lose one pound you will need to lose 3,500 calories. A safe rate is to lose about 1 pound a week, meaning you need to consume or burn 500 calories less per day. You can either do this all with exercise, as long as you are still eating healthy meals, or you can cut back with your calories and split the 500 calories between diet and exercise. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Effective Power Naps

nap like a champThere is something about napping during the daytime that seems to come off as childish or irresponsible in today’s culture.  However, outside of the United States there are many different cultures which not only allow naps during the day, but also encourage them.


For example, traditionally in the Spanish and Latin American culture a siesta, or a midday rest, is taken right after lunch or the midday meal.  It is a time to rest for a short amount of time and then get back to the daily grind of life.


Many people would do good to adopt this particular practice and remove some of that stress that seems to build up during the day.  It would be so wonderful to take just a little time during the day to sit back and relax.


This is especially true in today’s fast paced culture where it just does not seem like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done.  People often take time that should be used for sleeping to do other things.


Not getting enough sleep in one day has many adverse effects, from decreased productivity to decreased reaction time.  On top of all of the other negative effects, getting less than the necessary amount of time nearly triples the rate of getting in a car accident if driving.


The average person needs about seven to eight hours of sleep a day.  Getting less than this over long periods of time builds up a sleep deficit, which in turn is the catalyst for all the negative effects mentioned earlier.  Sleeping more than nine hours also has a negative effect on the body.


Midday naps are a very effective practice for restoring some of that sleep that may have been lost at night and also for reducing stress, increasing reaction time, increasing learning, more efficiency and better health.


Simply taking 15 minutes in the middle of the day can do a lot of good, especially since, when truly considered, everyone has at least 15 minutes to spare.  Taking thirty minutes to an hour is even better should the time be available.


The main point, however, is that taking a short power nap, even in the absence of a mattress is a great practice that should be adopted.  Even taking a little time to meditate or put the mind at ease has the same kind of effects as a power nap.  However it is done, what is important is that it is done!

Rebounding as a form of Detoxification

exercise reboundRebounding is a popular exercise that has benefits from aerobic health and muscular fitness to lymphatic health and strong immune systems. Different rebounding workouts offer distinct results so a single focused rebounding workout regimen wouldn’t offer all of the benefits.


Rebounding can be a great aerobic workout if the exerciser will keep any kind of jumping going for twenty minutes or so and do so multiple times every week. Rebounding can also offer a strength building workout since nearly all of the skeletal muscles in the body are affected, especially if the exerciser works up to vigorous and high jumps.


The benefits to the lymphatic system and consequently to the immune system are considered by many rebounder users to be the most beneficial and important since there are few other exercise regimens that offer them. There are, for example, many workouts that include strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises but no significant benefits to the lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system is a network of small vesicles in the body that move waste products away from the cells and out of the body. Rebounding aids in this removal process as the up and down bouncing on a rebounder forces the dirtied lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system which is comprised of a series of one-way valves leading away from gravity’s pull.


lymph systemRebounding for two to four minutes can boost the flow of lymphatic fluid and a fifteen minute rebounding workout can multiply the amount of lymph moved by fifteen according to some experts. When your lymphatic system is clear and there is no blockage in the system your immune system will be healthy and your body will be more able to detoxify itself.


Detoxifying or detoxing meant clearing all of the inorganic substances as well as harmful organic substances out of the body. Detoxes are used in a variety of situations ranging from bodily purification following drug or alcohol consumption to weight loss diets.


Detoxes usually focus on other areas of the body besides the lymphatic system since other organs and body systems are just as capable of storing waste products. To give you a better idea, some experts estimate that there may be up to nine ponds of waste product in the average digestive tract that is not expelled by normal digestive functions.


Detox methods are designed to rid the body of these toxins so that there are no foreign substances slowing down the bodily processes. The exit doors for these toxins are the digestive tract, the urinary tract and the skin so detox methods often lead to such symptoms as diarrhea and breakouts.


Rebounding for lymphatic health will also have certain side effects, although they are not as dramatic as some of the side effects of other detoxification methods. If you were to perform a lymphatic workout on your rebounder your sweat would contain the dirty lymph fluid that exited through your pores in the workout.


This would show up as a shiny residue floating in on top of your sweat if you were to wring out a sweaty wash cloth after working out. To get a good lymphatic workout on a rebounder focus on solid bounces that don’t cause your feet to leave the mat.


Alright my boy Yuri is going to take you through an awesome warm up routine that is perfect athletes of all kinds.

Never mind how ridiculous this looks.  It is really super effective for stretching out your muscles and getting them nice and warm for some really exercise.

It is imperative that you warm up before you exercise.  A warm up to exercise is like a peeling an orange before eating it.  If you do not properly set up you are going to have a real bad time.  Nobody likes eating orange peels and no body likes tearing muscles.  Obviously one is worse than the other, but you get the point.

There are three things that warm ups do that prepare the body for exercise.

–Increases heart rate, respiratory rate and blood flow to the muscles
–Increases core body temperature
–Enhances muscle elasticity

To make sure you encompass every single muscle make sure that you work through every plane of motion.

How do you know if you are warmed up?  You will feel warmed up.  Trust your feelings, like Luke did when he was aiming to destroy the death star.  Ok, sorry for the nerdy joke.

Also if you break a sweat while working through the warm up then that is probably a good indicator that you have been doing your warm up routine right.