Exercise is important. I don’t want to minimize that. Everyone should do it and EffectiveExerciseTips.com is a great resource for tips and all that. But there is something else that is preventing nearly all of us from reaching our potential. It’s called hydration.

Almost everyone is at least partially dehydrated. Very few Americans drink as much as they actually should. But who can blame us? We sit at a desk all day, come home and sit on the couch…we can’t be bothered to make sure we are drinking water.

I know what you are thinking. The article title talks about 8 keys to a healthier day, so what are the other seven? The first key is to drink a full glass of water right when you wake up. The second key is to drink a full glass of water with breakfast. The third key is to drink a full glass of water after you shower. The fourth key is to drink a full glass of water between when you get to work and lunch. The fifth key is a full glass of water at lunch. The sixth key is a full glass of water between getting back to work and dinner. The seventh key is a full glass of water with dinner. And the final key to a healthier day is a full glass of water whenever it is you workout.

See, is that so hard? There’s nothing to it! Follow those 8 steps and I promise you will have a healthier, happier day. But how?

Hydration is the key to many aspects of life. You need to be properly hydrated for your metabolism to work to its full effect. And while exercise is important and there are easy ways to do it, the true value comes in the recovery, and that recovery is hindered by dehydration.

Water just makes everything work properly. We are 75% water after all. It’s no surprise we need so much of it, or at least so much more of it than we are currently drinking. So make a conscious effort tomorrow to drink lots and lots of water. See if you feel more energy. Try it for a week and see if you lose any weight. You’ll be surprised what following those 8 simple steps can do for you.

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