Are you a mesomorph, ectomorph, or an endomorph?



The mesomorph is your ideal athlete figure. They distribute body fat evenly throughout their body, have broad shoulders, gain muscle quicker, and in general are very strong individuals. The downsides of a mesomorph is that they also find it easier to gain weight and are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. To balance these advantages and disadvantages, mesomorphs are recommended to do a combination of cardio and weight training.


The ectomorph is the slim figure and nearly the opposite of a mesomorph. Where as the mesomorph gains weight quickly, the ectomorph does not. Their higher metabolism allows them to burn fat at a much higher rate then the other body types. They tend be frail, but really excel at endurance. It is recommended that an ectomorph do aerobic workouts with some muscle training.


The endomorph is the pear shaped or curvy figure. Female endomorphs typically gain fat around the lower half of their body while the males gain fat around their upper half. As such it is recommended that an endomorphic individual do a lot of cardio workouts and some weight training.

Body types can mix and these rules are not for everyone, but knowing your body type can help you develop an effective workout fitness program.