Have you ever had your personal trainer tell you to go to bed? I hope so, or they’re not doing their job. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health, and we need to make sure to stay on top of it.

Our bodies are capable of many great things, but functioning without sleep is not one of them. Society today does not stress sleep much at all. In fact, we’re often praised for being able to stay up late working or socializing. Most people today do not understand much about the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and the vast majority of people do not get adequate amounts of sleep. This causes a huge decrease in our performance individually and as a society.

A lack of sleep slows our brains down. Many studies have been performed to understand this better. Our reasoning power is impaired, and thought and processing speed is slowed down, our memory is hindered, our ability to learn and remember new things is almost halted, and our inspiration is blocked. We simply do not perform well on low sleep. A prolonged period of getting little sleep seriously impairs our mental growth. It isn’t worth the sacrifice.

In addition to the mental affects, our body misses out on its time to grow and heal, as well as its time to regenerate so that we can have physical energy throughout the day. Our attitudes are also compromised usually leaving us feeling low, discouraged, frustrated, or angry.

All of this can be avoided if we just schedule the time to get the sleep we need. If we set a consistent sleep pattern and follow it no matter what, our bodies and minds will love us. Our brains will function as they’re supposed to. We’ll be able to think and reason clearly and quickly, we will be able to retain information, work through problems, come up with new ideas, and learn new things. We will have better attitudes throughout the day, and be more invigorated in body and mind. Our entire quality of life will be greatly improved if we can just set a good sleeping schedule that guarantees us 8 to 9 hours of sleep per day. That’s worth it to me.

Try this out. Good luck with it. Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for reading!

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