If you’re determined to get into shape, there are endless options for you. Of all the different things I’ve looked into, some of the very most basic are my very favorites.

I always know the exact amount push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, frog-squats, and dips that I can do. Each morning when I get up, I try to beat that number on all of them. Sometimes i beat them and set a new goal to beat for next time. Sometimes I can’t beat them. Regardless of the number, it is important to have some sort of goal when working out. Without a goal it is very unlikely you will push yourself as far as you can go.

What is great about these basic workouts, is they are quick, definite, effective, and simple. And together they work all of your main muscle groups. Doing all of these will strengthen and refine your body overall.

Pushups are great for your arms, and especially your chest. As you push your body up, your tricepts have to pull, and your chest has to squeeze. This motion repeated consistently builds new muscle and defines what muscle is already there. This is especially great for guys who want their upper body to look big.

Sit-ups are great for your core. In order to pull your head and torso from the ground to your knees, your stomach muscles have to squeeze tight together. It makes it even more effective if you hold yourself at the highest point for a few seconds each time. This builds strength in your stomach quickly. Stomachs generally don’t get bigger from this, they just get defined. After a bit guys may start to see a 6 pack coming in. Girls will generally get a flat attractive stomach. In addition to looks, having a strong core makes everything easier. We use our stomach muscles for everything.

Pull-ups may be hard at first. Many people can only do 1 or 2 or sometimes only part of one. That’s okay. The more you try, the more you will be able to do. It just takes a little consistency. These are great for bicepts. As you work these the front of your arms will get bigger and stronger, and you’ll start to notice it quick. This is one of the most effective arm exercises you can do.

Frog squats are for your legs. You simply stand up straight, and squat down to your hands, and stand up straight again. Repeating this over and over will cause your thighs to burn. Thighs are generally the biggest muscles of our bodies, but if we don’t exercise them they will weaken, and everything will take more effort.

Lastly, dips are another great exercise for arms and wings. you can do these on a bench or on parallel bars. They are another great workout for Tricepts.

If you don’t know how many of these things you can do, try them out. See what your max is, and each day try to beat it. You will improve quickly, and your overall strength will get better and better. Good luck with it!

See you next time!