Swimming is a very unique sport; it is one of the few sports that require a pool of water. It is relatively
hard to learn, depending on a few different aspects.

If you are an uncoordinated or a slow learner than swimming might be difficult for you to learn. That
is ok, do not be discouraged. You can always start in the kiddie pool and work your way to the shallow end. However, you may not be
ready for the deep end for a very long time. The best thing to do, while you are swimming, is to avoid drowning. Drowning maybe fatal and is

There are no good reasons for you to drown; if you are too tired and weak to keep swimming do not
drown just get out of the pool, and drowning for attention is very pathetic, nobody likes a drama queen.
All in all do not drown it is lame and people will not like you for it.

Swimming is a great cardio exercise it burns many calories with limited tension and strain on the joints.
This is wonderful for old people who are at a high risk of breaking bones. They can practice their simple movements and stretches in water where falling down would be a problem, unless they had trouble getting back. Usually there are life guards to protect those that may not be very good swimmers. Despite only being paid bare minimum for the protective services, these wonderful young men and women are very willing to save lives. This is great for people who are bad swimmers that want to be brave and try the deep end.

Start swimming its good for your health. Funny thing is some people actually begin to enjoy it, though
you probably never will, it is still a good skill to have if ever necessary.