Hopefully by now you have some time set apart for exercising. Now we’re going to give you some ideas to fill the time with effective exercises.

One of the most effective and most enjoyable exercises to many people is swimming. Swimming requires all of your muscles to work together, and strengthens and tones them all. Its especially good for your shoulders, lats, arms and legs. Its also one of the healthiest because it puts no impact on your joints.

If you have your own pool, great! If not, there is almost always a community pool in populated areas. Indoor pools are a great option because they are generally heated, and open throughout all seasons of the year.

Make sure before you jump in, that you KNOW HOW TO SWIM. If you don’t know how, have somebody teach you. It usually doesn’t take long to learn. Learn the different kinds of swim stokes. All the different kinds of strokes work different muscle groups, so it’s good to switch it up. (Here is a good article about the different kinds of strokes).

A very common thing to watch out for is swimmers cramps. They happen all the time, and they can be very dangerous if you’re not prepared. You may be swimming in the deep end of the pool, and your muscle cramps up and you can no longer move. To avoid this, make sure you warm up and stretch very well before kicking yourself into high gear. Also be absolutely sure you don’t swim across a long stretch of water if you’re not sure you can make it. Many swimmers are lost this way. Often swimmers will think they are getting good, and try to push themselves to swim across a reservoir, or out to a distant rock, but fail to realize just how far it is until it’s too late. Before you swim a long distance make sure to bring someone with a flotation device just in case.

Always make sure to warm-up, stretch, and warm-down each time. If you do this you will be able to go more often because your muscles won’t get as sore.

Try it out, I hope it goes well for you! See you next time!