Often when we exercise, we will try to achieve a certain amount of reps of our different exercises. Whether they be pushups, situps, bench presses, or any other kind. It seems the goal is always to be able to do as many reps as possible. This is probably because it’s easy to measure our progress this way, so we naturally do it. Having a number of reps as a goal, helps us to push ourselves further than we normally would without one. However, other than this, there is no real health benefit to it. There is actually an alternative that yields greater results.

Next time you try doing push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, or any other repetitive exercise, try going really slowly. Don’t worry about how many you are doing, just try going as slowly as possible. You will notice that your muscles get shaky and weak quickly. This is because they aren’t used to this kind of treatment. This kind of exercise uses a lot of small stabilizing muscles that get left out when we power through our workout with quick reps. These stabilizer muscles can really help to define our muscles, and help them to be more useful in practical things. They also help us to have better balance.
This kind of exercise won’t exactly make our muscles as big as regular repetitions, but it will make them stronger. It will make them lean and solid. If you want to be very light, but still be very strong, this is a great way to do it.

There are many benefits to this kind of exercise. Mixing up our exercises helps us to gain overall health and strength and make us more well-rounded, which is good.

Try this out! I hope this stuff helps!

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