Treadmill RunningTreadmills are one of the safest, most effective fat burning fitness equipment machines around, yet only if one knows how to use it correctly. They are highly popular and advantageous for individuals who enjoy running, jogging, and walking. The treadmill is indeed easy to operate, and hence the reason why most people prefer using it.

Treadmills help users to balance their cardio fitness while eliminating the need of working out in a non-favorable weather.  Individuals need not worry about bad weather, or waiting long queues at the gym if they have a treadmill at home. However, there are certain safety tips that one needs to be bear in mind before hopping on the treadmill.

Warm Up Session

Begin every workout session with a warm-up. Start by walking gradually and aim at a speed of 2 miles per hour. The warm up session should be at least 5 minutes as it increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation. There is yet another advantage of warming up your muscles as it reduces the risks of physical injury. Once you have performed the warm-up session for a sufficient period of time, you can enhance the speed level as per your requirement. Try this Warming Up on the Treadmill Before Exercise to get a good idea of what your warm-ups should entail.

Gradual Intensification

Once you get accustomed to working out on a treadmill at a particular speed, maintain the intensity level for at least one week before you increase it to a higher level. Intensification at a gradual pace helps users to avoid unwanted strain on the body, allow muscles to develop fully, and make necessary adjustments as far as the amount of workout is concerned.

Avoid Routines That Are Repetitive In Nature

If you simply climb onto a treadmill and walk at the same speed for thirty minutes on a daily basis, then it becomes quite monotonous. As a result, individuals get bored of doing the same old activity, and eventually one may discontinue it. In order to avoid such situations, you can increase the speed over a certain period of time. To add fun and excitement, you can listen to music or watch TV while working out as it kills the boredom, and motivates you to perform workouts for longer. Check out this article, Bored? Add Variety to Your Runs for simple ways to avoid repetitive treadmill routines.

Avoid Physical Injury

Avoid Physical Injury on the TreadmillAlthough a treadmill offers a shock proof surface to run or walk on while it decreases strain on your knees and hips, it is still recommended that you wear a good pair of running shoes in order to avoid any kind of injuries during the session. Choose shoes that are light weighted and provide good support to your feet. Additionally, avoid gazing at the monitor as it may alter your posture, and also place unnecessary stress on the spine and neck muscles. Check out this article on Running Form Tips to ensure your form is not lacking, which could lead to injury.

Cool Down Session

Cooling down after every workout session is highly necessary, as it helps your body muscles to ease down a bit and relax. Also, cool down sessions help to you to avoid muscle cramps. In order to cool down, all you need to do is to simply reduce the speed and begin to walk at a slow pace. Maintain the pace until your breathing and heart rate returns to normal.


To conclude, these are some of the safety tips that help individuals perform effective workouts on treadmills. Be sure to check out for more effective exercise tips!



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