Running with dogs

It doesn't have to be much, even a walk with the dogs counts.

Operant Conditioning

Exercise is important. Yet there are times when it can be so difficult to just get started. To compensate for this, plan to do something you enjoy as a reward for exercising. It sounds kind of silly to adhere to your own boundaries and guide lines you set for yourself, but this kind of behavior has a powerful psychological effect. Even when you award yourself with something as simple as dessert or a snack you build positive reinforcement for exercising.

This is called operant conditioning. It also works inversely through negative reinforcement. Say you didn’t go out running or do your exercise for the day, you can “punish” yourself for not exercising by skipping out on dessert. This is a good safety net as well if you’re on a diet. It makes sense that if you didn’t burn off any extra calories in that day that you shouldn’t be eating any extra calories through dessert.