Tour De France Exercise BikeOn my last post I wrote about the wonders of Biking outdoors. While I do love biking outdoors, and think it’s one of the best exercises we can do, I’m excited to write about a new indoor stationary bike that is about just as good as any outdoor bike ride. The bike is called the Le Tour De France by Proform. The bike is built not just as an exercise machine but as an outdoor simulator. It just came out on the market recently, and for the price it’s one of the best deals out there when it comes to quality and advanced technology. The bike isn’t only decked out with all of the most comfortable and high quality parts, but it’s innovating the indoor biking world.

This bike not only uses SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance to adjust the pedaling difficulty, but it also tilts back and forth up to 20% incline and decline. This tilting makes the outdoor simulation much more real. When you’re going down hill, the bike leans forward, and when you’re going up, it leans backward. 20% doesn’t sound like much, but a 20% grade is an incredibly steep hill for biking. Hills like that are found in races like the Tour De France (hence the name). Another innovative feature this bike has is wind resistance. When you’re biking outside, sometimes the wind blows in your face, adding to the difficulty of the ride. This bike factors that extra resistance into your workout depending on your size and speed and whatever settings you give it. This is smart technology. The best part however is the built in Google Maps. I imagine this technology will catch on like wildfire and soon all the highest quality bikes will be equipped with it. What it is, is an endless plethora of biking courses to choose from. Using google maps you can choose your route, and Google will automatically download the terrain calculations to your bike, and the bike will simulate the hills and the intensity of the route. This technology allows anyone to race across any course across the world for free and from the comfort of their living room. Having a course before you that you’re tring to finish can be one of the most motivating factors in getting yourself to work out. The bikers who have already begun using this bike love this part about it. Also the Ifit live technology is built in, so all your workouts are tracked and you can compete against yourself or against others.

Everything about this bike is high quality and innovative. The bike is on sale right now at Proform for $1,299, making it affordable for most people. You can buy it or check out more about it at Tour De France Exercise Bike. You could also read reviews on it and save $75 on it at Proform Coupons Proform Tour De France Bike.