P90X – An extremely popular exercise program that focuses on constantly mixing up the exercises to avoid “Muscle Plateau”, allowing you to keep building and growing without slowing down. The program is one of the most popular in the world today, and perhaps one of the most rigorous if followed correctly. People from all over the web give it awesome reviews and exclaim how much it has helped them achieve the body they’ve always wanted.

Pilates – A fitness program that focuses on building flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination as well as devoloping proper breathing practices while exercising to get the most out of every exercise. It is often compared to Yoga. However, Pilates, while incorporating many principles of Yoga, focuses on muscle development and improving fitness, rather than mind and spirit relaxation.

Tae Boe – An exercise program that combines fast paced martial art and boxing practices to build strength, cardio, and burn fat. It was made by Billy Blanks, a martial artist and boxer who decided to incorporate the two into an exercise program for everyone. People who have followed the program have had great results in overall cardio and muscle improvement.

Body for Life
Body for Life – a 12 week program that combines nutrition, weight training, and exercise routines to achieve the maximum possible 12 week transformation. 12 week competitions are held regularly, and the person with the biggest transformation wins cash and other prizes. The before and after pictures of this program come in in zounds and just looking at them is inspiring enough to try it.

The Truth about 6 pack abs – A book by Michael Geary about a diet plan and exercise plan which if followed, will get your abs and chest looking as great as you’ve ever imagined.