If you’ve been following and doing any of the previous workouts we’ve posted such as: 5 New Ways to Use Dumbbells, Workouts at Work, and out Adding Resistance with a Back Pack Workout you’ll notice we are big fans of squats here. We know how great of a move they are and that they should be added to many of your workouts.

Squats are said to be one of the best core workouts one can do, they can actually improve your upper and lower body according to this article titled 8 Reasons to Do Squats. The other 7 of their reasons include “burn more fat, maintain mobility and balance, prevent injuries, boost your sports performance – jump higher and run faster, tone your backside, abs and entire body, help with waste removal.”

Now just simply going through the motion is not going to provide you with all of these benefits, doing the move correctly is going to help provide you the most benefits. Below explains the right technique for performing a squat, and then once you get the move down go back and perform some of our above mentioned workouts to put the move to practice!

Correct Squat Technique