Nearly everyone has encountered a flat tire at some point in their life. Many of us have had to change tires more than once. For those of us with regular vehicles, this isn’t too much of a problem. Cars all come with some kind of wrench you can keep in the car and a little jack. Just prop up the car, loosen the lug nuts, change the tire, put the lug nuts back on and you’re on your way. If you lift the spare incorrectly you might hurt your back, but that’s about it. This isn’t the case for truckers.

The lug nuts on semi-trucks are nearly impossible to get off. It’s not the same as your little car’s tires. These are set to 500 foot pounds of torque. It’s impossible to generate that kind of force by yourself. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. There are all kinds of heavy duty wrenches out there that you can twist, turn, yank, even jump on. There’s also the infamous cheater bar many drivers carry around to try and gain more leverage.

If you watch a trucker trying to remove lug nuts by hand, you’ll see a hurt back, busted elbow or any number of injuries waiting to happen. Don’t hurt yourself! There’s a better way!

This video demo shows how easily you can remove your lug nuts to change your tire. You don’t have to break your back. With their simple tool called the Cheater Wrench they show you how easy it is to take off your lug nuts. No breaking your back. No hurting yourself. Just a simple, easy way to get those lug nuts off and change your tire.

The easiest thing to do would probably be to wait for a service truck and get a little exercise in. After all, truckers sit for long periods of time. If you’re going to be stuck a while waiting, might as well run laps around your truck or do some jumping jacks to keep that blood flowing. When the service truck gets there they have a compressor and impact gun, the same stuff used in an auto shop, and they can easily remove your tire for you.

But truckers are an independent bunch, and if they can do something themselves, you know they will. Hopefully now they can do it without hurting themselves.