If you have a gym membership, it either means you’re determined to get into shape, or that you were sold by a slick salesman. In either case, gym memberships can be very helpful to our health if we take advantage of them. All we have to do is get ourselves in those doors. Once we’ve done that the rest is easy. It seems like the problem with most people who have gym memberships is just getting themselves to the gym. Once they’re at the gym, they figure they’re there, so might as well exercise.

Any exercise is good, but most people don’t know realize how much more effective their time spent in the gym could be if they knew what they were doing. A gym offers access to machines that can be used to build any muscle anywhere on the body. Most people seem to have a routine of their favorite machines, and do a set number of reps on each machine, and they’re done. Along with perhaps some treadmill running or biking.

Although running and biking is great for cardio, it’s a fact that exercising and building muscle will burn fat faster than prolonged cardio exercise. Your time in a gym will be much better utilized if you spend your time building muscles. You can run or bike any time you want without a gym membership. The true value of a gym membership is in their weight machines.

When you go in the doors, do some warm up running to get your blood flowing, then do some stretching and then hit the machines. Find the machines that will build the muscles you want to work on. Set the weight high enough that you’re only able to do about 4 – 7 reps. Push as hard as you can, and even when you can’t do any more, try to do as much of the last rep as possible. This last struggle is the most valuable in muscle building. When you’re burned out from your first rep. Take a small rest, and then set the weight again to where you’ll only be able to do 4 – 7 reps. It will probably be a bit lower than the first weight since you are now tired.

Repeat this process 4 times on each of the machines you are using. This is the best method for building muscle. As your muscles grow, do not increase your reps, but rather increase the weight. You will likely be surprised how quickly you will be able to increase the weight. This will not only build muscle, but will help you lose weight.

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