An Awesome Workout

This is a workout for those interested in developing balance as well as a strong upper body. It seems strange, but the handstand actually uses nearly every muscle in your upper body. Everything from your fingers, wrists, and forearms to your shoulder, biceps, and triceps gets a good burn in the process.  To start out learning this kind of intense exercise you must first learn how to do a traditional free standing handstand. This video on handstand workouts, put up by geoffcraft, is a great tutorial to train yourself into this kind of exercise.

How To

The key here is learning through the steps and developing your core muscles to the point where your strength maintains your stability and balance. The stronger those core muscles are, the easier it will be for you to have control over your entire body in this position. It can be tough at first to just maintain balance long enough doing a freestanding handstand, but there is a way you can build up to it. I found the easiest way was by doing a wall handstand and practicing the push-ups from there. A wall handstand is where you face the wall and begin your normal handstand. When you feel like you’re losing balance you can lean your legs against the wall and regain your composure. Work on the motion of the push-up while you’re against the wall. After you have accomplished that part of this process, try to use the wall less and less, and only use it when you feel that you have to. Eventually you will have developed enough strength and balance to do it freestanding!

Handstands make for a great acrobatic trick that you can do for fun and get a great work out from. Try doing some crazy ideas like walking across your living room on your hands or attempt at walking on a treadmill like this guy!