Irisin in your muscles

A new study by researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute were able to separate a natural hormone produced in muscles after exercise. This special hormone can have a powerful effect on your body.This hormone named irisin has an outstanding effect on adipose and fatty tissues. There are two types of fats, white fat and brown fat. Most fats in adults are white fats which are fairly hard to get rid of and burn off. Brown fats on the other hand burn excess calories off much easier. Irisin which is naturally produced during prolonged exercises switches on genes that convert the white fat into brown fat improving weight loss for your exercise.

The researchers say that it may be possible to send an irisin-based drug to clinical testing within two years. Irisin, because it is naturally produced, has no known side effects at this time and seems to be quite safe. This outstanding research has so much potential for diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and many other illnesses. Maybe in the next few years we could see a safer miracle weight loss drug hit the market.