No matter where you are, when you go to a gym you’ll see people doing repetitive motions over and over with their weights. The full ranged reps help to build a well-rounded muscle. However, there is a technique that if you follow, will make your muscles stronger than any amount of reps you can do. It’s simply holding the weight.

It was a technique that Bill Phillips, the creator of the Body for Life program, always followed. When he became world famous he introduced it.

Simply put, rather than doing repetitive reps with less weight, go a head and stack on as much weight as you can hold for 20 seconds. Then don’t even rep it at all, just simply hold it up at the top for 20 seconds and then let it down and rest. This technique is a very effective way to build muscles like Iron.

When you hold your max capacity at your strongest position for an extended amount of time, your muscle realizes that it needs to get stronger quick in order to meet what’s being required of it. Your muscles get sore the next day, and by the time they’ve stopped hurting they’ll be a little stronger.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your weight will add up. You really do gain muscle quickly using this method. Make sure to do it consistently, but don’t do it while you’re still sore or you’ll lose much of the benefit. This may not make your muscles really big, but they’ll be as solid and strong as an ox.

good luck with this. Let us know how it goes! Thanks for reading!

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