Today we are very lucky and we have a really neat guest post from Hannah Davey! She gives great tips on how to get the whole family involved in an exercise routine!

Family Fitness
The Benefits of Exercising as a Family

By Hannah Davey 

Our modern day world is so pre-occupied with counting calories, counting-burning-calories, and calculating the amount of minutes spent exercising that we often forget what exercising is all about. Ideally, we should view exercise as a way to look after ourselves, to feel healthy, and to enjoy the great activities that are available to us. In reality, our fitness sessions include lots of staring at step counters, calorie zappers, and heart rate monitors, (and trying to make sense of them), meaning the whole phenomenon starts to feel more like an algebra lesson.

When did we forget to put the fun into fitness? Being in a room full of beasty machines and sweaty people isn’t always the most exciting environment for exercising, but for some reason we feel that unless we’re straining ourselves silly, or causing smoke to emerge from the running machines, we’re not working our bodies hard enough. This doesn’t seem to meet the ideal exercise criteria of ‘enjoying ourselves’, though, so how can we start to put the fun back into fitness?

There are huge benefits of cutting down the gym sessions slightly, and taking up exercise as a family instead. It’s brilliantly fun and actually very energetic if you choose the right activities. Organising things to do as a family, even if it’s simply going to the local park or taking a trip to an activity park, will replace the mathematical work out for comfortable and family-friendly exercise. Getting outdoors is great for your lungs, and the best part is being able to enjoy your family. Creating your own games with balls, bats and Frisbees can be great fun, and it’s surprising how much running around and panting you’ll do! The whole family will feel more energised, healthy and happy from spending quality time together, while your fitness levels will increase without even realising.

Some great ways to enjoy the outdoors with the family;

Go cycling: Cycling is great cardio exercise, fantastic for strengthening your muscles and you get to explore beautiful places while stopping off for picnics!

Go swimming: Depending on the weather, swimming can be indoors or out, and is excellent for cardio fitness as well as muscle toning. Try challenging each other to races or a few lengths across the pool; you’ll get quicker every week!

Go walking: You can create all sorts of adventures and travel to all sorts of wonderful places. Find a popular, local route or discover new and exciting areas. (Walking is also great for strengthening legs and bums).

Something a bit more unique: Create your own sports day! Get a couple of wooden spoons and ping pong balls (egg and spoon race), skipping ropes (skipping race) and some bean bags (put them on your head and race). This is more for the kids, but is great fun!

Written by Hannah Davey, an expert in child play at the Big Game Hunters Trampoline Shop.



Posted by Emma Green