It’s officially Spring, which means Summer is all but just around the corner. While this fact makes many of us jump with joy, it also makes many of us stress out with worry right after that jump.

Bikini-ReadyAlong with the warm weather and summertime tans, this time of the year also brings the dreaded bathing suits. We can no longer hide those extra unwanted pounds the winter weight gain brought and are no longer able to use the bulky sweaters to cover it.

Well that’s why we are here to bring you some Effective Exercise Tips to help you get bikini ready quick! Now first and foremost to do this we are going to need complete commitment out of you, not only is commitment to your health and fitness always a priority, it is even more so when you are needing to drop the inches and tone the abs quick!

Now once we have your commitment, first place to start is your diet. Women’s Health Magazine gives us 7 Days to Get Bikini-Ready. Be sure to check out all 7 ways here, but for now we thought we’d just share a few of the diet tricks we found to be most important and most helpful in getting your bikini-ready!


First and foremost you need to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Now we know this one is hard, but you’ll body will thank you! Processed foods actually end up making your crave more than your body really needs, so in the end makes you consume more calories. “If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, the food is off-limits. Or [better yet] hit the produce aisle for foods with no label at all.”

Healthy Protein-Rich BreakfastBe sure to start each morning with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast to fill you up and warn off any unneeded snaking till lunch. Something along the lines of an omelet or a scramble with egg whites and 1 egg will provided lots of protein. Add a little high-fiber 100% wheat bread to make the meal really fill you up.

Many think you need to forgo all carbohydrates when it comes to dieting, yet this is what your body, and most importantly what your brain, fuels on for energy. Filling on fruits, veggies and fiber-filled whole grain/wheat carbohydrates are necessary and “a proven source of long-lasting satiety.” Just be sure to eliminate the processed and enriched white carbohydrates from your diet, those are the ones that leave us bloated and with more calories than necessary.

Lastly when it comes to your diet, don’t forget the fluids! “Down two to three liters (or four to six regular-size bottles) each day.” This helps to flush your body of unwanted toxins, while also helping you to consume less as people often confuse thirst with hunger. Stay hydrated and it will not only help you to slim down, but will help that summer tan of yours look even better on your hydrated skin!

Workout for Bikini-Bodies


This is where the real work comes into play, bumping up or even beginning a workout regimen. You’ll not only be needing to increase the time you’re working out, but also the intensity at which you are working out currently. To see any results you need to change your current ways and challenge yourself more.

In this article Spring Has Arrived – How to Reduce Body Fat Percentage FAST, they give you many helpful hints as to how to up the ante on your workout regimen and increase your calorie burn. Their first step is to “spend three days a week doing high-intensity interval training.” Now you can apply HIIT to your current workout of choice, or start a new one. Some suggestions are “running, spinning, stair-climbing, jumping rope, elliptical training or rowing.” If you need more information on what exactly HIIT is and how to perform it, check out this article HIIT: Take Your Fitness and Fat Loss to the Next Level.

Women Building MuscleThey also went on to suggest building muscle as a way to increase your calorie burn and get faster results. They stated if you “add 3lb. of muscle to your body, you have the potential to burn 1,050 extra calories a week”, all by doing nothing more. So be sure to add strength training into your weekly workout regimen!

Also be sure to check out a previous post of ours on Adding Mini Cardio Bursts Into Your Day to burn even more calories. When it comes to getting into those bikini’s, every little bit counts!