People have all sorts of methods of working out. Rumor and parrot talk spread like wildfire when it comes to nutrition and health ideas. Some of the things we hear are true, and some is are most definitely not.
A common idea that floats around these days, is the difference between toning muscles and building muscles. The idea is that if you want to build muscles, you lift very heavy weight with few reps, and if you want to tone your muscles, you lift lighter weights with many reps. The truth is, this is wrong. Well…Partially. Let me explain.

Lifting Heavier weights is better. Period. As is commonly known, in order to build and grow, our muscles need to tear and heal. The best way to tear muscles is to lift a few sets of your maximum weight about 5 reps. The best way to tone muscles is to do the exact same thing! If you don’t want your muscles to tear, just don’t push it as hard. Do a few less reps. And do it more frequently throughout the day. Your muscles have to be built in order tone, and heavy weights will make that happen.

Lifting Heavy weights burns more calories as that cardio as well. Just as a few good sprints will burn much more than a long run, so will a few good heavy lifts burn more than long lightweight lifting.
So, my advice? Get rid of your light weights, and build up your strength to heavier ones. Watch the difference it makes in Toning and building. Just make sure that if your muscles get sore, take the time to let them rest before you go at it again.

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