Hello Again!

Last time I hit a little bit on a workout technique that is becoming more and more used to stay in shape. It is called resistance training. This is where you don’t need any equipment, benches, mats, gyms, or the like. All you need is yourself.

It’s also completely different than the usual pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, routine that we’re taught from the time we were children. It is as simple as pushing against yourself in different positions. There are countless different positions you can experiment with as you do this, but I’m going to go over a few.

The chest push: Simply put your palms together in front of your chest, and push them together as hard as you can for 30 seconds. This will tense up your chest and your arms. Don’t loosen up at all for the full 30 seconds. Toward the end you will feel your muscles shaking. This is a good thing. Keep powering through it. After 30 seconds relax and shake it off.

The wing pull: put your hands behind your head and cup your fingers together tight. Try to pull your arms down as hard as you can, but don’t let your fingers let go. This will work your traps, your tricepts, your shoulders, and your forearms.

The stomach crunch: hold onto a bed post, or a counter top, or a chair or something, lean in just a litte bit, and crunch your stomach muscles together as hard as you can. Don’t let go. Keep them crunched for 30 seconds. This will tone your stomach muscles very well.

Think of ways you could exercise some of your other muscles. This is just a few examples, but if you are creative, you can come up with anything. This prolonged holding is a great way to tone muscles, and give them the definition that looks so great.

Try it out. Good luck!

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