There are many things we can do to exercise throughout each day. In addition to our morning routine, we should take every opportunity we can to keep exercising. If we get in the habit of doing this, we will be able to stay in shape throughout our lives.

Let’s say you work at a computer or a desk. How in the world are you supposed to get exercise from that? Well, lets think of some. Some people have a habit of jiggling their legs when they sit. This is not a bad habit. This actually helps the blood flow to keep moving in their legs, and it also helps their calves to be a little stronger. An even better way to doing this is to keep your heels planted on the floor, and lift up your toes. Do this over and over many times. You will feel the front of your shins start to burn. This will build these muscles very well. One way to exercise your arms is to put your hands on the arms of your chair and lift yourself up. Do this as many times as you can. You will get a good tricept work out from this. One way to exercise your chest is to put both hands together in front of your stomach, and push your hands together. You will feel your chest tighten up, and as you hold it as tight as you can for about 30 seconds, your chest and arms will get tired. This is a great way to keep using your muscles while you sit.

When you’re shopping, and you have to wait in line, do some calf raises. Simply stand up onto your tippie toes over and over again. Calves are important muscles, so we should try to keep them strong. When we’re walking around the house, rather than simply walking, try doing lunges. It’s like walking except you take really long steps, and slowly bend down to touch your knee on the ground, then straighten up and take your next step. These will work your thighs very well.

If you have a few minutes where there is a treadmill, hop on and do a quick sprint. If you have a treadmill in your home, it will really facilitate you in staying active. If you don’t have one. Consider geting one. They’re great to have. You can find some great treadmills at
If you’re driving, try simply flexing your bicepts as tight as you can for as long as you can. You will find it to be a good exercise for your arms.

These are just a few ideas. There are countless ways to exercise while you go about your day. It just takes a little creativity. Try it out. Keep yourself as active as you can. It will be worth it. You will feel better inside and out.

Good luck.