Dumbbell ExercisesDumbbells are one of the most useful and portable pieces of exercise equipment that has ever been invented. Dumbbells are cheap, small, and extremely effective if you know how to use them right. With dumbbells you can work practically any area of your upper body extremely well.

The most commonly known and used exercise are simple curls. Sitting or standing with a dumbbell in your hand and slowly bending and extending your arm. Curls work your biceps when you pull your arm up to your shoulder. Adding more weight to these will help to build your biceps bigger and stronger.

Shoulder workouts are easy with dumbbells. Simply hold the dumbbells in one or both hands, and raise your arms out straight to your sides. If you can do this without bending your arms it’s great, but sometimes you may want to add more weight, and do it with bending your arms. This is okay as well. The exercise will help to build your shoulders which adds a lot to a making a strong and bulky figure.

The Triceps are easy to target with dumbbells. Simply put one knee on a bench, your corresponding hand on the bench, the other foot on the floor, and lean forward. Hold the dumbbell in the other hand and raise it up toward your back. This is a great Tricep workout.

Using these, and any other workouts you can come up with using your creativity, you can find ways to target any muscle in your upper body. This is what makes dumbbell exercises so versatile and dynamic.

Try it out!

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