Bicycle Types

A bad bicycle can make exercise a real pain. Make sure you have a bike that will fit into what you really want to do with it. If you are not much into rough riding and going off the beaten path, please don’t get a mountain bike. You will be thanking yourself later on while traveling twice as fast on a road bicycle.

Likewise, if you do like to go off the road every now and then, you might want to avoid the thin tires of a road bicycle.

Bicycles like a Hybrid offer features of everything, but are ultimately the best at nothing. A cruiser bicycle can be a really fun bike to use. They are meant for casual, slower rides. You can spot these bikes downtown or around the beach sidewalks. Whether your in a road race, an off-road race, or just strolling around, a good bike can really add to your experience!



Road Bikes
Great for fast travel on roads Bad on rough surfaces
Mountain Bikes
Versatile (off/on road) Does not go as fast as a Road Bike
Hybrid Bike
Good compromise on road and mountain bikes
Very comfortable Made for slat surfaces