Summer is here and in full action, what better way to cool off and get in your workout then by swimming. According to this article from, swimming is “one of the best full-body workouts you can participate in.”

We’ve stated before how big of fans we are of swimming in a previous post, which you can find here. Swimming requires all of your muscles to work together to strengthen your whole body. It is especially good for your shoulders, arms, back and legs. And although swimming is a low-impact workout, it can really get your heart rate up depending how hard you push yourself with each stroke, it can be a great cardio workout.

We’ve told you before how cardio along with building lean muscle with weights are both going to help you effectively burn fat, you can read more about that here,. Swimming combines cardio while building muscle because you are using a variety of muscles with each stroke.

Here are even more benefits of swimming:

As you can see, swimming is not only a great pastime to cool off in the summer, it’s a great workout that is going to get your heart pumping and muscles working overtime, so find a pool and JUMP IN!

Try this Total-Body Swim Workout from Women’s Health Magazine to help get you started!