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How To Not Destroy Your Body While Changing A Tire

Nearly everyone has encountered a flat tire at some point in their life. Many of us have had to change tires more than once. For those of us with regular vehicles, this isn’t too much of a problem. Cars all come with some kind of wrench you can keep in the car and a little jack. Just prop up the car, loosen the lug nuts, change the tire, put the lug nuts back on and you’re on your way. If you lift the spare incorrectly you might hurt your back, but that’s about it. This isn’t the case for truckers.
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Get a Bikini-Ready Body Quick

It’s officially Spring, which means Summer is all but just around the corner. While this fact makes many of us jump with joy, it also makes many of us stress out with worry right after that jump.

Bikini-ReadyAlong with the warm weather and summertime tans, this time of the year also brings the dreaded bathing suits. We can no longer hide those extra unwanted pounds the winter weight gain brought and are no longer able to use the bulky sweaters to cover it.

Well that’s why we are here to bring you some Effective Exercise Tips to help you get bikini ready quick! Now first and foremost to do this we are going to need complete commitment out of you, not only is commitment to your health and fitness always a priority, it is even more so when you are needing to drop the inches and tone the abs quick!

Now once we have your commitment, first place to start is your diet. Women’s Health Magazine gives us 7 Days to Get Bikini-Ready. Be sure to check out all 7 ways here, but for now we thought we’d just share a few of the diet tricks we found to be most important and most helpful in getting your bikini-ready! Read the rest of this entry »

6 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Everyday Life

There cannot be anything better than good health and a healthy life, and exercise can improve your vitality and fitness to a great extent.  Start exercising by incorporating it into your daily life. The six best ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life are as follows:

Walk for Lunch BreakPrefer Walking

  • Prefer walking to your car or bike, when you go to neighbouring places or for purchasing stuff from the nearby grocery shop.
  • You can take a short walk during lunch time in your office.
  • Whenever you want to relax, you can go for a short walk, which may relieve you from work strain.
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Performing a Squat Correctly

If you’ve been following and doing any of the previous workouts we’ve posted such as: 5 New Ways to Use Dumbbells, Workouts at Work, and out Adding Resistance with a Back Pack Workout you’ll notice we are big fans of squats here. We know how great of a move they are and that they should be added to many of your workouts.

Squats are said to be one of the best core workouts one can do, they can actually improve your upper and lower body according to this article titled 8 Reasons to Do Squats. The other 7 of their reasons include “burn more fat, maintain mobility and balance, prevent injuries, boost your sports performance – jump higher and run faster, tone your backside, abs and entire body, help with waste removal.”

Now just simply going through the motion is not going to provide you with all of these benefits, doing the move correctly is going to help provide you the most benefits. Below explains the right technique for performing a squat, and then once you get the move down go back and perform some of our above mentioned workouts to put the move to practice!

Correct Squat Technique


Adding Mini Cardio Bursts Into Your Day

If you’re like me, getting out of bed to walk on that treadmill every morning can sometimes be difficult. So to give me a little boost I like watching morning television talk shows to keep me entertained and to pass the time. If it’s a later workout, my favorite is good ol’ Dr. Oz to keep me informed on my health while improving my health!

If turning on the tube for a little talk show time is what gets you up out of bed then use it! Early morning walks for me are never too intense as I like to use them to get my metabolism jumpstarted and do a higher calorie burning workout later in the day when more time is allotted.

While looking around online I came across an article on explaining the “treadmill games” she uses to keep herself from going “completely bonkers” on the treadmill during winter when outdoor workouts don’t permit. One of her “games” was called Commercial Breaks Bursts. I thought it was a great idea and a must share for our readers!

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Taking Your Treadmill Workout to the Next Level

Running is probably the best way to get a cardio workout.  But since you do nothing, except run, it is likely that performing this exercise will become stagnate and you will get bored.  Getting bored with your workout is a really easy way to lose your motivation to be healthy, and that is a bad thing!  So here are a couple things to make your run a little more exciting and effective Read the rest of this entry »

5 Quick and Easy Tips From Fitness Experts

Fitness is so important to our health and well-being, but with life and all of the activity that comes with it, we can sometimes put fitness on the back burner. The truth is we cannot afford to do that. Our health and life depend on keeping fit. Below are five quick and easy tip for fitness.

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Swimming Good for Your Health

Swimming is a very unique sport; it is one of the few sports that require a pool of water. It is relatively
hard to learn, depending on a few different aspects.

If you are an uncoordinated or a slow learner than swimming might be difficult for you to learn. That
is ok, do not be discouraged. You can always start in the kiddie pool and work your way to the shallow end. However, you may not be
ready for the deep end for a very long time. The best thing to do, while you are swimming, is to avoid drowning. Drowning maybe fatal and is

There are no good reasons for you to drown; if you are too tired and weak to keep swimming do not
drown just get out of the pool, and drowning for attention is very pathetic, nobody likes a drama queen.
All in all do not drown it is lame and people will not like you for it.

Swimming is a great cardio exercise it burns many calories with limited tension and strain on the joints.
This is wonderful for old people who are at a high risk of breaking bones. They can practice their simple movements and stretches in water where falling down would be a problem, unless they had trouble getting back. Usually there are life guards to protect those that may not be very good swimmers. Despite only being paid bare minimum for the protective services, these wonderful young men and women are very willing to save lives. This is great for people who are bad swimmers that want to be brave and try the deep end.

Start swimming its good for your health. Funny thing is some people actually begin to enjoy it, though
you probably never will, it is still a good skill to have if ever necessary.

Tracking Your Health for Successful Weight Loss

We all know that when it comes to weight loss it’s all about calories in versus calories out. If you are burning more calories than you are consuming you are sure to succeed in your weight loss goals, as explained in a previous post here. But what if you are eating more calories than you really thought, or not burning enough calories as you thought to make up for that slice of cake last night?! This is where tracking your diet and exercise comes into advantage!

It’s been proven that when it comes to your weight loss goals, those who track their diet and fitness are more successful than those who do not. In fact according to Setting Goals for Weight Loss Success, “a study published in the eHealth Journal of Medical Internet Research found that participants who recorded and track their progress using an online software interface were significantly more likely to stay with a weight loss plan and maintain their weight loss compared to those who didn’t monitor their progress.”

With that being said why wouldn’t one want to jump on board and use the resources available to them to help them achieve their goals? Especially in this day in age when the resources we have available to us to help us track our diet, exercise and progress are limitless, we should be taking advantage of this. With the use of the internet and our smartphones having more and more health apps than you could imagine, keeping track of your health has never been easier.

There are even treadmills, such as the NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Pro that are iFit compatible meaning they are wirelessly compatible to You set up an account here and it not only tracks your workouts done on your treadmill, but you can also go in and track your nutrition and other workouts done.

Check out the Complete Guide to Tracking Your Health and Fitness Online from Greatist to see why you should be tracking your health with a list of some of the best websites and apps to use in order to do so: Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on Exercising with Diabetes

Exercising With Diabetes

There are three primary forms of diabetes – type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. All three forms of the disease share an identical causative factor – the body’s inability to either produce or use insulin. Without sufficient insulin, glucose remains unused in the blood that produces high levels of blood sugar. Over the course of time, this build up leads to renal damage and may affect other major organs including the heart, nerves, and eyes.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes for developing diabetes. If the energy is not depleted, the insulin builds up and causes the condition. Though a regular exercise regimen is fairly easy and simple, an individual with diabetes will require a more specialized exercise regimen. As a diabetic, it pays to be doubly wary not to injure yourself or aggregate your diabetes management. Follow the indicated safety exercises below to avoid triggering and worsening your condition. Read the rest of this entry »